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Welcome. My name is Shaquan and I am the forex educator. Does that matter? Yes, a bit. You know who matters more? You. I just need to know if you are the new trader, struggling trader, or busy trader.


I bet you didn't expect me to make my about page about you right? That is what I do best. My goal and mission are to coach you until you are a confident trader you can analyze and trade the market for yourself. 

A bit more about Shaquan Now.

Shaquan Lopez is the consultant and founder of  SLFX Trading, where she works closely with traders who need help understanding the Forex charts in their simplicity. 


Shaquan is also a Youtuber. She seeks to give as much help and free information to traders who need help understanding how to understand the process of breaking down a price chart. Her mission is to help traders connect their own trading minds to their chart. 

Cool fact, prior to Shaquan becoming a Forex consultant, she lived in Germany where she was a fulltime wife, student, and mother. This is where she met her mentor. In a short year of living in Germany, she found herself working in a bank, traveling, and had her second child, all while learning how to trade. Without taking any breaks, Shaquan worked hard to find what works and what does not work in the market. 


Shortly after moving back to the United States, she was influenced to teach. Since consulting with over 500 traders, Shaquan has learned the patterns of the new and struggling traders. She seeks to help traders learn how to trust their own analysis by bringing out the trader within themselves.


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