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The New Trader Development Program From Shaquan



Beta Traders is a space where new, struggling, and busy traders can come not just for motivation, but for key topics of conversation and direct knowledge you need to execute in the Forex Market and in life.

Access to Forex Starter Basics

You can't understand what's not set up yet. You'll receive access to video content that is designed to help you set up your charts and become familiar with currency pair personalities and price action.

Weekly Fundamental Thinking With Shaquan

Every week you will receive valuable information that you can use to expand your trading mind and life.

Force Beta

A Beta in gaming terms means to try or become exposed before fully committing. Trading is a lifestyle and you are about to embark on a daily journey that will either make you run or commit to push the button.  



When you look on social media or watch movies, you'll see the big house, cars, and escape from the 9-5...but what happens before all of that is acquired. What I've gathered after consulting with hundreds of traders is the steps needed to reach their trading goals are not as clear, but they can become clear with the right knowledge, approach, and conversation.


Within this community, I'm going to help you discover your potential and develop your trading mind so you can begin taking action on your goals.

1. What's your short term and long term trading goals?

2. How will you pass along this information?

3. How will you use this information financially?

4.  How will you make trading work around your schedule?

5. How to develop your own trading style and trading setups?

6. What information do you need to meet your goals?

7. How to build your psychology to confidentially trade your own analysis.


No more sitting on the sidelines...


I want to help you take action on BECOMING THE TRADER YOU WANT TO BE so you can spend your time focusing on where you want to go after it all comes to light. 



What's Included


M1 Basics Video Course Access

The module 1 of SLFX most popular course gives you access to what you need to know to set up your personal trading platforms and get you on your way to becoming familiar with the charts.


Trading View

Price Action

Trading Psychology


Currency Personality

Becoming familiar with these technical platforms will help free up your reseaching time so we can get right to the meat of our conversations so you can take action quickly after.


Private Facebook Community


*After you join please head to Facebook and search Slfx Beta Traders*

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By becoming a member of Beta Traders/SLFX Trading, you have agreed to have your membership fees automatically deducted from your chosen form of payment. To cancel subscriptions, email 3 business days prior to your billing date. Failure to do so will result in cancellation not being processed until the following month.

I'd like to thank you for chosing to invest your time with me on this journey on helping to develop you as a trader.