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Coaching Services

6 Week VIP coaching sessions are booked through Discovery calls only. You must schedule your call & provide details of your trading history through a brief questionnaire. 

Outside of the Discovery Call, there 's another option to work with me.

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Monthly Forex Group Coaching 😄

Forex is a big world within itself and I'm sure you have been learning so much your brain is probably running a race on its own. You're probably filled with questions like how to start, what's the best indicators to use, and how the heck do you enter more good trades than bad? Well, I know who can answer those questions... an ex-bank teller, motivating, highly encouraging, and skillful forex simplifying coach like me. 

Once you enroll in the Swing Trading Society you'll be able to ask me questions, get weekly guidance regarding my personal technique and be able to dialogue with traders who are not only on the same path as you but have been where you are and are where you want to be. 

Simply put: The best part about being a part of my group is your voice is heard. No more worrying if your questions will be answered. This is where you will be made a King/Queen over your price charts.



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6 Week VIP Sessions😄

One on One Coaching Service

If group coaching isn't your thing, you're tired of learning with others, and feeling like there are too many distractions, this is your opportunity to work with Shaquan all by yourself. 

If you're struggling to make weekly profits, choose your own currency pairs to trade, and create a profitable trading plan that will lead to you taking the same consistent & profitable technique, this is for you.

You'll work with me for 6 weeks, 1 hour a week, in a virtual setting(ZOOM) where I'll teach you how to enter & exit profitable trades using my 3- step highlighting trend trading technique.


Think 6 weeks is too short? They don't call me the Forex simplifier for anything.

It's time to say buy-bye to cheap courses that don't spill the beans & say hello to your door that leads to your confidence as an independent and profitable trader.

Did I mention you'll get free access to my coaching group? Schedule your Discovery Call Below👇🏽

Invest in yourself $3500/6 weeks

Payment plans 👇🏽

$1175/ 3 biweekly payments

$600/ 6 weekly payments