SLFX Group Coaching

Analyze Your Setups  &
Turn Them Into Profits
Training Forex Traders How Create 
Profitable Trading Setups 
"Will I be able to be profitable?"
Imagine sitting at your computer desk excited that you scouted out an 
 an area on your price chart where you can enter into a trade confidently.
Imagine having rules that you know don't require a lot of time to execute a trade nor do
you have to sit in front of your chart for hours at a time trading.
Imagine how it will feel letting your trades run and you get to now enjoy your day, run errands,
and work freely without babysitting your charts until they hit your desired profits.
This Is Why I Created The
SLFX Basics Market Structure Course
During This 8 Week Course 
You'll learn how to analyze and trade 3 types of market structures and what rules to apply so you can earn consistent profits.
Module 1: Your Systems Setup
13 videos where you'll learn
  • A walkthrough on how to set up a broker account
  • A walkthrough on how to set up a Trading View account and shortcuts
  •  How to create a watchlist and backtest different currency pairs
Module 2: Plotting Market Strcutre and Entry & Exit Targets
  • A 3 section breakdown that details 3 different types of structures to the plot, why they are important to plot and how price reacts to these structures.
  • You'll receive guidance on the 2 rules that need to be met before you enter into a trade and how to recognize when the 2 rules are met. 
  • You'll receive guidance on where to exit the trade.
Module 3: Entering More than 1 trade
4 videos and chart examples:
  • Learn how to enter into more trades than just one
  • Learn how to use the Fibonacci tool for multiple entries and automatically take profit and stop loss areas to help you take out the second-guessing.
When You're Ready To Advanced...
The Line Chart Is Your Go-To.​​

Take what you've learned in the Basics Market Structure Course and apply it to the line chart.

  • You'll learn how to use only 1 type of market structure to find chart patterns with high probability success rates.

  •  You'll learn how to focus on the trend in more detail to further your trade profit potential.

The Swing Trading Society

Imagine holding 1-2 trades for 5 days. Your take profits are hit and you're jumping for joy because you were able to not only place a good trade, but you didn't have to watch the charts for hours at a time, you were making money while doing other things, and you caught a big move!!! How does it get even better than that?

I want you to experience this. The membership for new and seasoned forex traders who want to learn how to trade forex with easy to follow steps, have a 15 minute trading day and catch big moves in the market.