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A coach calls the plays. You execute for the win.
The Forex Market Can Be Overwhelming. 
To Make Sure You're Prepared I've Developed Video Courses As a Personal Playbook For You.
Passive & Active income- What's the point in talking about trading if we can't talk about the money you'll be taught how to accumulate. You will be shown how to invest in the market long-term so it can make your short term profits easier to gain. You are not limited here. You will learn how to become your own investor so you can use your profits for your personal needs rather that be 
  • To pay off debt
  • Leave your 9-5
  • Gain an extra income for bills, vacationing, or other business opportunities
Your Video Playbooks:
 The SLFX Basics Course
 This is not just a beginner nor a struggling trader course. This is tested, tried, and proved a course that has helped many traders identify what they need on their price charts. All of the information you need is jam-packed into 3 modules. You'll be given video lessons over how to analyze the market's trend, set up your using either structural key levels such as support and resistance or supply and demand, or trendlines.​ This course is not only designed to help you see, but to trade for accurate entry and exit rules based on the monthly, weekly, daily, and 4-hour time frame.
Module 1: The Setup
This is where you go to learn how to establish and set up your forex broker account, TradingView platform, trading watchlists, and will be giving information on how to backtest all the information you'll be given.
Module 2: The Market Structure Guide
 This is where you will discover how you can begin to plot, analyze, execute open positions, and exit them all in 1 smooth transaction. You'll be taught how to enter into the trades using only 2 rules. That's it! Just 2 rules!
Module 3: It's Time To Compound
You ever wanted to know how to add more positions but could not figure out how to do it? Well, this is the module for you. Get  "account-growing-profits" secrets using 2 simple methods that will bring you in multiple profits within days!!!
The SLFX Advanced Course
This course is an evolution of the basics course. You are going to be challenged to evolved and think outside of the box for those extra profits that may seem impossible to gain. This market is an ongoing bubble and you are going to be taught how to burst that bubble for your profits. Shoot! You deserve it! Now let's take it using only 2 modules!
Module 1+2: The Line Chart Series
Were you good at reading line charts in school? See, I was not. That used to frustrate me. It wasn't until I began making money from the line chart in forex when all of that mumbo jumbo they were trying to teach me in school began making sense. Attach money to my learning and I'm in, haha !!! Hey, laugh with me in this series as you feast your eyes on an extended way of learning the popular patterns market makes to hide your profits from you. I want you to keep this in mind...there are just some things that support and resistance just can't catch. You'll thank me later.
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