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4 Forex Strategies That Profit

If you've ever wondered why most strategies fail in the forex market, it may not be the strategy, but the lack of understanding how the forex market moves.

The market moves up and down and sideways, but there are structures that work best with gauging price action. I'll be briefly explaining the 4 strategies that work best. Before I go into a bit of detail, let me say that the process is always better than strategy. The process is how something works and the strategy is how the trader makes it work.

Got it? Ok, let's go. So, the market in 3 ways in which is known as market cycles which are the uptrends, downtrends, and sideways.

The best structure to fit the up and down movements is support and resistance. This is the first strategy we will go into detail with. See, as price moves down it creates multiple points in the market where price touches multiple times. These points are known as support and resistance because of the bounce between repeated prices creating structures that can be traded repeatedly. You can use these levels to take quick profits in the market on multiple time frames traded to and fro levels.

The next strategy is a trend structure. As price moves up and down, it creates high and low points. As price creates these points, you can create profits by trading back up to the higher high points in an uptrend and down to the lower low points in a downtrend.

The third structure is the trend line structure. As price trends up and down you can use these high and low points to be measured with a trend line. Think of price as a ruler. As long as the price stays below, you can profit from the price staying under. If price breaks, you can profit from price staying above.

Lastly, Fibonacci. Fibonacci is a tool that measures price when it pulls back in trend. The best use of this tool is to measure not only the pullback but trend continuation when the price is trending. You can create multiple targets using this 1 tool.

The goal for you is not to trade all of these strategies at once, but to choose 1 and profit from it. I'd like to show you how. Join me on January 2, 2019, at 7:00 pm EST, as I host a live training on these 4 strategies. Click here to register:


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