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Best Trend Trading Tool In The Forex Market

As a forex trader, it is important you use the right tools to assist you with the best places to enter your trades.

A tool that I use is the price label tool you can find on Trading view.

Don't have a Trading view account? Sign up for free here.

Here is an example detailing how you can use this tool in an uptrend.

It's a quick click of a button at the highs and lows in trending markets.

You can view the rest of the tips on my Instagram page @theshaquanlopez.

Checkout the full 15 minute video on Youtube of me teaching you how to use this tool so you can become a better trend trade.

Once you're done, do these few things:

  1. Practice on your own price chart to see if this tool can be something you add to your strategy.

  2. If the YouTube video provided value to you be sure to subscribe and like the video.

  3. Lastly, share your experience on Instagram and tag me with the hashtag #shaquantaughme

Watch the full video here



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