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Can You Guess The Time Frame?

Looking at the picture located above can you guess this pair, timeframe, and direction price is going. If your answer is yes to all of these questions then that would make you the Goku of Forex. If your answer is no to any of these questions well then it makes you a normal human trader.

At times, we as traders are presented with this burning questions: How do I trade this time frame? We have to remember or realized that the market is one cohesive unit. "Top-down analysis" is key. One has to remember that just because we drop down in time frames does not mean the the analysis changes. Trend and candles change. Not the concept of an entry or exit. Definitely not the analysis.

Still haven't guessed the pair, timeframe, or direction yet? This is GBPCAD on the 2 hour timeframe in a downtrend, before consolidation. Let me ask you this, would the analysis, anticipated entry, and exits have changed per market structure on the 1 hour, 4 hour, or daily timeframe? Per top-down analysis, the entry price would be different, but the market structure and analysis would remain the same.

Trading is already difficult in itslelf. The best thing to do is learn to understand market structure, price action, and find a method of trading that works. Oh yeah, keep it simple. Trust me, it works well.

Watch an example here:


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