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Easy Forex Retracements Vs. Reversals Technique You Need To Learn Now

You know you need to trade with the trend but you may be having troubles spotting when price is trending. If this is you, continue reading.

Finding the trend to trade alongside with means you are wanting to be a trend trader.

Even more than that, you want to make money off of a high probability winning trade. I get it. So do I.

Before we get into this lesson be sure you like this post and download your free How To Time Your Forex Entries where I will teach you how to create you own trading schedule while evaluating your personal trading strategy.

There is alot here to take in and digest because trend is like driving, there are too many roads, streets and avenues to explore.

All you need to do is find the right road to get you on the right path to your forex success.

Trust me, I've been helping dozens of traders this year find their true path and I'm here to help you do the same.

Let's start with just 2 steps:

Uptrends vs Downtrends

The first step is to know what an uptrend and a downtrend is. It may be thinking, "duh." I know that. But do you really?

Think about it, if you did, you'd be more successful than what you are. I hate to say it like that, but it's true and you probably know it is. "Blunt moment here."

I have a quick video that can help you discover what an uptrend and downtrend is and how you can easily identify it on a price chart.

Retracements Vs. Reversals

Now the retracements and reversals are what makes up the trend movement.

You want to make sure you're trading the right cycle and now when and what timeframe the cycle gives itself away.

Now that you know there are cycles, let's dig deeper. Once again, I've made a video just for you.

In conclusion...Your connection with trend is how money follows you. Pave the road and let the money come to you.

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