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Forex: Trend Vs. Support and Resistance

In the forex market trend and support and resistance can work together if you use them together However, there are times when trend will matter more especially when the market is trending. This is when trend will have to be separated from support and resistance.

There are a few reasons why:

1. As the market trends up and down in a downtrend or uptrend, we can recognize that as a trending market. This is where market structure is plotted, but trend can be traded separately by recognizing the higher highs and higher lows, lower lows and lower highs.

2.The majority of traders plot support and resistance at highs and lows. Doing this brings the levels and trend together but they are no longer separate any more. Instead of seeing trend, most traders will only recognize it as support and resistance, thus, trend will get lost.

So, this is why I made a video based on this topic alone. I wanted to show you a visual in how putting them together can work and when it doesn't work, and how trend should be priority.

Let me know, what do you prefer. Do you prefer trend alone or using support and resistance.?



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