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How Does Multiple Time Frames Analysis Work

First, let me say this, in order for multiple time frame analysis to work, you have to keep it simple.

Seriously, don't overanalyze nor get so worked up that you forget what you are actually doing; trading for profits.

Multiple time frames analysis is great for traders who use more than 1 time frame to analyze. For example, I am a swing trader who analyzes the monthly, weekly, and daily. Those time frames allow me to see the bigger picture of what price is really doing.

When it's time for me to execute the trade or push the buy and sell button, I either enter in on the daily or 4 hour time frame. This is how it works.

You are probably wondering how you can make this work for you? Well, I've created a video to explain just that.

Comment below your questions or concerns about multiple time frame analysis.


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