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How To Decide When To Enter Into a Trade

Trading is by far not the easiest thing in the world to do. I mean, my gosh, there are 1000's of ways to trade. If that's not bad, you also have to classify yourself as a day trader, intraday trader, swing trader. To make it worst, there are so many components to trading such as fundamentals, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and indicators. Have I made my point yet?

If you have already classified your trading style, picked a method of trading, and a what components of trading you will use, the biggest question is do you know how to execute in the market? This is one of the biggest hiccups in trading. Most traders can learn a trading system, but they may not understand how to correctly enter in a trade therefore, the system can be great, but the trader can be flawed.

Here is a tip: Before you enter into the market, scan out the possible areas price can go to and observe price action(candles). If price tells you to enter, enter. If it doesn't, don't you dare push that button! Thats it. Simple right. No? Click on the video below and I'll show you my process and steps I take to enter into the market.

Oh yeah, if you trade GBPNZD you are in luck. Here is a free trade alert. *Remember this is my opinion and in no way am I telling you to enter a trade based on my analysis*

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