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How To Swing Trade With A Full Time Job

Many times people think they cannot invest or trade in the Forex market because they have full time jobs or families. I think oppositely. It is very possible to swing trade even with a busy schedule.

Let me explain.

I teach swing trading. Swing trading is when a trader executes long-term trades that typically last between 3 days up to a few weeks or months depending on the market's movement.

This is an example of a swing trade that took 7 weeks to complete. The total of completed pips equaled +695 pips, but there was more to gain based on compound entries on the way up.

Taking long-term trades and some in between gives the trader time to breathe and think. There is no need to rush. Executions are not made within a hurry and time is still on the traders side.

So, if you wondering are thinking about swing trading and want to know more, watch this video below and don't forget to subscribe.



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