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How To Trade Forex Chart Patterns

In the forex market, price creates chart patterns on a daily basis. The way you take advantage of these charts based on your rules can make you money or can cause you to cry in the corner for being on the wrong side of the market.

I mean let's face it. There are a lot of chart patterns.

But wait!!! What is a chart pattern. Ok, let me show you.

Based on the picture you can see there are many chart patterns and there are more out there than just this picture here. These chart patterns just means the when price is retracing or moving sideways in the market, it will break market structure or the trend lines and continue in that specific direction.

Are these patterns hard to spot? No. You just have to know what the chart pattern is that the market has formed and how to analyze it. This is where your personal rules come into play.

(Don't have rules? Set up a one on one session today and let me help you gain rules and clarity on your trading journey.)

Know from my personal experience in the market it is not necessary to focus on all of these patterns just like its not necessary to focus on a lot of currency pairs at the same time. There are two types of chart patterns the market makes repeatedly which are channels and triangles. If you look at the picture above look how many variations of triangles are presents. The names are not important. Once again, it's about the rules.

So, to help you with the rules and to know how the patterns work and when they don't work, I created a video. Yes, I like you that much to create a video. You can access it below. Oh! Do me a favor. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Now after you watch it and you decide that you would like more step by step help and guidance, you can join my email list by click here.

Comment below what chart patterns you prefer to trade.


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