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SLFX Trading Experience

Hello everyone. My name is Shaquan Lopez. I am the trading mentor at SLFX Trading. What is SLFX Trading? Well, to get a better understanding let me take you back a bit. Under 3 years ago it began. Forex was the topic, I saw my mentor make $300 in just a few minutes, and I was hooked. Did I get what I seen right away. Nope! It took me 1 year on demo, a lot of loss trades, long study hours sometimes until the early morning, and tons of notes.

Fast forward to today and here we are, SLFX. Back to the question, what is SLFX Trading? Well, I help traders understand who they are as a trader and help match their personality to the chart. How do I do it you may be wondering? Well, first, by teaching members how to properly dissect a chart. Truth be told not many traders can read a price chart. Not many traders understand how to trust their own analysis. I help traders do both. At the end of the day, it is your money you are trading right? So who else to trust but yourself?

Speaking of you, I am glad you are here. By here I mean reading this blog. By reading this blog I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you. So, welcome and stay tuned.


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