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My Best Kept Money Making Secret

I wanted to jump on here really quick to tell you what has been my best money making secret of the year.

Before I do, be sure you've joined my next Free Masterclass coming up on Monday so you can take advantage of the gems I'll be dropping there:

Last year, in 2019, my husband and I suffered some hard times that came unexpected. I mean life happened so quickly.

It seemed like we were on a downward spiral and there was nothing we could do about it. I couldn't believe that we were in this position. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and worse of all...we have children!

I knew that something had to change. I began looking over the course of our 9 year marriage at the time questioning, what can we do different so we don't have to go through this again. I was praying to God big time that he show me the light, the way, and bring people in my life who could help us out of our situation. HE did just that.

It all started with me. My mindset and a hard conversation with my husband.

See, my husband is a 9-5 guy. He loves waking up, going to a job, and coming home with no worries about how to run a business. He likes his freedom after work is done. I can understand that, but I'm not that type of woman and at that time, neither of had a 9-5.

All we had was my business and my trading account which was dwindling because I now became the sole provider. The gains I made now had to make up for bills, rent, debt, kids, personal items, and etc. I'd never been the sole provider before. It was hard. And I was determined to do things different.

My husband was and still is an awesome provider, but there had to be a better way. There was something we were not doing that I believe God wanted us to do. And when I saw it, our lives and bank account status changed.

What Had To Change

We were so used to my husbands paycheck being our main source of income and keeping up with our lifestyle. We had a savings account but nothing major working for us while we slept. Sure, I had my trading account and a few shares of stocks, but alot of that went out quicker than it stayed.

Our spending habits were everywhere. We had more expenses than revenue and profit. That was our mistake.

God tells us to be good stewards over what he gives us. We were not doing that. We couldn't make a good living spending more than what we were both bringing in and now that we were in that predicament, it was even more harmful.

My Best Kept Money Secret

Instead of doing something grand like trading large lot sizes in my Forex account and potentially blowing from thinking rational, I took what was left from my declining account down to $500 dollars and used it to move and pay bills.

I took my best trading course, discounted them and focused solely on teaching 1-1 sessions because I knew with the information I provided, I could really help people fine tune their trading by giving them my personal time. IT WORKED!!!!

What took it over the top, was my family. I started spending more time with my children and stopped worried about making money. I was so consumed with making it that I did not care how I was spending it. For some reason, focusing on time with my husband and children made me re-evaluate the money that started to come in from my business and trading account.

And that was the secret, TIME.

See, there is a time for everything and that season, it was time for us to revamp what we were doing. Eric Thomas the HIP Hop Preacher says, 'Before you turn 30 you learn and after you turn 30 you earn. I turned 30 in January and since then I've been earning.

It took time for me to realize that I was doing insane spending. Even though it wasn't on alot of dumb stuff, it was definitely on things that we did not calculate properly. We spend time not investing properly. We spent time not saving properly. We spent time not praying together for direction. We spent time spending before we made money.

Now, I'm proud to say that I've turned that $500 into $15,000 in 4 months and that's after paying off some of out debt, building a savings, and stock portfolio.

We are not where we want to be, but after hardships hit in 2019, we are definitely further along that where we were.

Stay tuned...I have more of this story to come.


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