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Recap My Trades With Me | First Week Of March Trades

This week was a successful week in the market. The markets moved well in one direction, so trend trading this week was a thing of beauty.

For this reason, one of my students is about to make her first withdrawal from her FTMO account. How amazing is that?

Also, a few students and I passed our $200,000 account challenge from FTMO that we will begin to live trade next week with the hopes of our first withdrawal come April.

This is all due to the TMP strategy I've helped give to traders who wanted to get away from cluttered charts and noisy indicators.

You can watch one of our Live trade rooms below where we set up trades from this previous week, then watch how the trades played out.

Recap each trade with me

You can learn alongside me and begin trading other people's money too.

I have a fantastic community on Tradingview, but you first have to access it through the Trade On Purpose program. It's a hybrid between video and my live teaching every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. Trust me; you're never without help and motivation on your trading journey.

We are a small intimate group of traders to avoid getting lost. We trade together, analyze together, and trade the same technique together.

Are you ready to be a part of a trading community that cares? Well, let's get you going.

The Trade On Purpose Community is waiting for you.


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