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How To Analyze(And Trade) Your Best Trade Ideas

Swing trading is a big puzzle.

Ask yourself this:

How do you determine the best currency pair to swing trade?

Meaning, how did you decide that a specific currency pair was the idea for you to risk your money in? This leads to your visualization decision-making, studied techniques, how you perceived your truth, and whatever else someone exposed to you that makes up your trade ideas now.

Your beliefs about what you think is "best to trade" becomes what you believe will make you money in the long term.

So, I'll repeat, how did you determine the best currency pair to swing trade?

You learned from Youtube, courses, blogs, social media, a mentor, or a friend, right?

Now ask again, how did they determine what was best to trade?

How did those on Youtube become so insightful? Even though most trade the same way using different verbiage. Courses are plenty, but not different. Social media is opinionated with very few facts.

If you question your beliefs enough, you'll see you don't know enough to choose 1. You'll notice there isn't one specific pair that is "best" to choose. Many cons come with pros in the financial market.

Once you become aware of this, you can now learn from this.

I was once there too, and sometimes, I still am.

Breaking Free Of Limitations

I used to limit myself to one currency pair that became thirty, then became 4, and now it is a cycle of questions.

It's rare to see someone who can successfully swing trade all markets today, but it can be done.

Analyzing, journaling, contemplating, trading, and questioning your ideas is what gives you the answers to how this market works.

The first step you need to take is education.

You can be a dope(by dope, I mean great) analyzer if you don't learn lessons from those who have been through and overcome what you've yet to experience. There are two forms of education, self-education and investment education.

An excellent place to start is to think about your now. What made you want to trade? What made you want to swing trade? What do you need to know about it? How will it benefit your life?

I was obsessed with men who worked out, such as Chris Jones, a.k.a Beastmode Jones, and the Hodgetwins. While they are vulgar, I found them to be fresh air. They said what they felt and didn't care who had an opinion. I want to think I saw myself in a box and wanted to be free like them.

Diving deeper into my mind's thought process, I explored the following:

  • How can I use what they do to better my body? Following their routines, how would that change my body in 6 months?

  • How did I being a woman, work with the volume of weight lifting as men? Would increasing my lifting weight help me achieve my goal faster?

  • What nutritional balance would I have to take on to become toned?

Being a "tom-boy" in life led me to believe this was part of my life's journey and would help me see myself the way I've always seen myself. And this is a woman who wants to keep up and not be left behind.

Does this fit into trading? You bet it does. If you choose swing trading, your education will teach you about higher timeframes, and what it looks like to hold a trade for days or weeks, more considerable stop losses, bigger take profits, and less time on the charts to wait for the best setup. All these open up new paths for you to choose what to trade based on how you trade.

Can you see how self-education and investment education will lead you to trade the way you want? It's the commitment to make yourself the expert. To fall in love with your potential.

The second this you want to do is find your range to become a trader. A scientist is not a scientist unless he or she runs an actual test. To run a test, he or she must have a subject.

Your subject is currency pairs. You're using your education of self and investment to apply a skill that will eventually make you money. This is strategy.

The TMP strategy has you give 3 verbal "Yes" answers. These don't change, but the range does. Studying the range where you'll enter the trade is an improving skill set. You are waiting for the Price to get there so you can enter your trades. You're exposing yourself to the skill, not the pair, and most coaches can't give you this. Only the market can.

Most traders don't understand that to know what to trade; you must be the Jack of All trades. You have to know what your best trade ideas look and feel like. You can't swing trade without holding trades. You won't know your best idea until you've performed it multiple times.

Being a swing trader can be taught, but few do. You're special.

Lastly, get permission to trade. Price is key. I'll repeat it, Price is critical.

If you are a technical analyst, all you know is Price, and price action is how we put the puzzle together. Without knowing how to read a chart, you're lost. This is true for most traders.

Let's repeat what you need to know to trade your best ideas:

1. Get self and investment education

Set time aside to learn how to become involved in the markets, or you'll pay for it greatly. You'll do well when you understand who you are and how to find your ideas.

Find a mentor with the best voice you can learn from. They are most likely the ones that interest you on a specific topic and can keep you engaged while giving you clarity.

2. Find your entry range

Only the market can give show you where to enter the trade. It's not a made-up price or structure. It's a well-thought-out and calculated price point. You'll be able to perform the same action time and time again to find your range per pair you trade.

3. Get permission to enter the trade

When Price permits you to enter the trade, you'll know it. Until then, stay out and move on.

Side Note: I use these same three steps weekly to choose what I trade and how I trade. I believe in opportunities. Maybe you should too.

If you want to view my opportunities for this week, follow me on Tradingview, so you know what trade ideas I consider each week. Don't forget to view my Trade Ideas for this week as well.

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I hope you enjoyed this educational trading post. Be blessed.



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