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How To Trade With A Full -Time Job

So, we all hear the popular saying "treat trading like a business." Some hear it, but if they have been use to being the employee, treating trading as a business will not come as second nature. So, here is a thought, put yourself on payroll if you have an employee mindset.

Watch this youtube video to learn how to trade with a full-time job:

Please understand there is nothing wrong with having this mindset because eventually it can change. Think about it like this, if you wanted to pay yourself everyday the best thing to do would be to scalp or day trade. If you wanted to pay yourself every few days, maybe every two to three days, intraday trading will be the way to go. If you don't mind paying your yourself once or twice a month then swing trading is the way to go.

You now have a payroll schedule and the best part about that is you know the boss better than anyone else. Based on your trading knowledge you can demote yourself or promote yourself and give yourself a huge raise at the same time. If you ask me this sounds like a win win to me.

-Shaquan Lopez


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