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Why I Win At Losing

I'm a great trader because I'm learning to be a good loser. I know this doesn't sound motivating, but if you learn how I turned my losing trades into a profitable and proven system, you'd think differently about my previous statement.

I failed to learn...

I failed to learn more about myself. Every time I lose a trade, it reveals something about me that I have never noticed before. Failing has shown me I like to run and hide instead of embracing the loss. I miss my best setups due to shame when I step back from trading. When I saw what I was doing, I began motivating myself to show up regardless of my feelings.

It's helped me to discover there is no shame in losing. I win when I show up.

I failed to stop trading like everyone else...

I failed to learn I had what was called imposter syndrome. I thought if I traded like everyone else on Youtube, it would help me succeed. I was wrong! I put them as the expert and not myself. I was losing more trades listening to others because I only knew a fraction of what they knew.

I couldn't do what they did on my own because they weren't giving everything they knew away. They gave me only a little to be entertained by their ideas. When I realized this, I knew the only way for me to grow was to fill in the blanks myself, and if that was the case, I had to start from step 1.

Step 1: Be me. Find my style. Create a sound plan based on what I know.

Step 2: Tune everyone out and think through each trade for me.

Step 3: Document my trades through backtesting. Find my losers and turn them into winners. Find my winners and turn them into trading steps.

I failed to create a plan...

I failed to create a plan that worked for me. My trading plan has my name all over it. My ideas. My thoughts. My eyes. My mind.

I created a plan that helped me reveal my failures and success. The more I trade, the more I see:

  • Market reversals- I only lose when the price reverses on me

  • Timeframe correlations- what timeframes I should and should not trade together.

  • Trend continuations- I win more when I trade with the trade

  • My best risk to rewards- the times I can increase or decrease my risk per trade

  • How long my next setup will take to show- the next time I can trade or sit on my hands

  • Different market conditions- my profitability outcome

  • And so on

This only happened because I became a good loser. I got good at turning my failures into trading lessons, and you can too.

All it takes is using the little time you have to write out what you see and notice about yourself when you trade.

If you notice a timeframe you trade well, trade it and let go of all others. If you notice you do better when you swing trading(my favorite trading style), do it and stop scalping.

Remember, you control your trading journey. No one else. You got this! Go rock it!


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25 juil. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Thanks, Shaquan! I love your blog and all that you do to help traders like myself!

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