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You Need Quick Help? You Got It!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

SLFX knows traders search so many search engines for information and education. I'd like to cut that down and give you the help you need now. Yes, right now. So with that being said I thought it'd be a cool idea to get everyone involved.

Let's get started. 1st, you have a trading question. I have an answer. You can email me your question or maybe you need me to see how serious you are so you decide to send me a video. Nothing weird please. I mean, I'm a bit weird too, but lets keep this PG-13. So, you decide to send me a video of your chart and you have a question. Well, I'll respond back to you with a video no matter if you emailed me a text response or video. All I ask is the question is clear and is trading related. Besides, we are traders, right? Oh yeah, let's not forget. My email is Let's get the conversation rolling.


SLFX Mentor


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