7 Steps To Become A Forex Trader

If you're new to trading or have been trading for awhile, but you're struggling with what website you should analyze your price charts on,  how tools you should use and how you should use them, and how to identify what  price is doing on your price charts, this course and 7 step checklist guide is for you.


Inside is: 

a 5 page PDF with powerful content that host a 7 step checklist you will need to take you through the steps of what you need to do set up your price charts to get you ready to take your first set of trades. 


You'll also recieve access to a course with 5 videos that will help you:

  • Create your first trading watchlist of pairs to trade
  • What candles I personally analyze as important for every entry I take
  • How to idenitfy and read price movement
  • How to customize and setup your price charts
  • How to backtest this how you should enter and exit trades so you can take your first set of trades. 


7 Steps To Become A Forex Trader

  • This is a download so please download as soon as you receive the confirmation receipt.