New to trading and need to know how this market works?

New Trader Bundle is my new bundle for new traders. If you need help understanding how this market moves, understanding the big players of the market, and how to begin building a strategy that matches your trading personality, this bundle is for you. 
Click the link in the bio to order New Trader Series for $19 and get what’s included:

5 ebooks and 4 Video Replays
•Consumer vs. Trader Transactions- Economic Data(Video included)
•Trading Mindset Shift- Trading Negative Mindset into Positive Thinking(video included)
•Supply and demand vs. Support and Resistance
•Trading Personality and Strategy(Video Included)
•5 Ways To Pay Yourself In The Forex Market(Video Included)


New Trader Series

  • Click links on the page to access ebooks and replay videos. This pdf is best to view on a desktop so links can properly open.