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The Profitable 4 Candlestick Trading eBook

The Profitable 4 Candlestick Trading eBook


Hi trading bestie!!! 


Let me save you time researching price action candlesticks and strategies. In this ebook I not only share with you popular setups to trade such as support and resistance, trend lines, or Fibonacci, but I'm also teaching you how to identify how to enter trades when price is trending and I go into detail what it looks like.

Oh! I also give you the gems on where to take profit because that's what you're trading for right? Its money time!


Included in this ebook is:

1. Price Action- what 4 leading candles you need to enter your trades once they form.

2. Trend- How to identify trend and become a buyer in an uptrend and seller in a downtrend

3. Trade setups- Different trade setups you can trade on your own because you just got the game from identifying trend. 

4. Fibonacci-How to enter multiple trades using Fibonacci. 

5. Entries- what a good entry looks like, and how to enter based on price action, trend, market structure, and Fibonacci.


Ready for a great ebook? Purchase, download, and get to reading so you can take action. 

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    This is a PDF download. 

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