The Profitable 4 Candlestick Trading Book

The Profitable 4 Candlestick Trading Book


Are you tired of not knowing what a profitable trade setup looks like? Do you need help with knowing how to put a strategy together step by step? Well, let me save you some time in figuring out everything on your own.


I've created a look book for you with not only trade setups you can copy on your own price charts, but I've also included break downs of:

1. Price Action- what 4 leading candles to watch and how they turn into entries

2. Trend- what to look for to spot the highs and lows of a downtrend or an uptrend

3. Market Structure- No matter what structure you use, I'll show you how to use 1 structure that can help you identify when the price is in an uptrend or downtrend.

4. Fibonacci- this one tool can is simple, yet powerful, and can give you a wonderful confirmation that you're trading in the right direction and helps you hold trades. 

5. Entries- what a good entry looks like, and how to enter based on price action, trend, market structure, and Fibonacci.


Ready for a great Look Book? 

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