In this workshop bundle, you will learn how to trade like a business.


You'll be taken through 4 days of lesson filled with lots of information that will teach you the tools necessary to developing your mindset as a business and putting it on your charts and transferring that information to your bank account.


Workshop Day 1: Setting Up Forex As A Business- you'll learn how each pair moves and its personality, how to use brokers leverage to your advantage and why equity is more important than your trading balance. You'll also learn why there is an error with risking 1% and I'll show you to other ways to calculate your lot size for better account growth.


Workshop Day 2: Trading With The Trend- you'll learn how to trade trend like a professional. I'm taking you through 3 different types of trend such as the overall trend, current trend, and day trend. these different types of trends will show you how to see the trend starting from the highest time frames down to the lowest time frames and how to identify if price i retracing or trending. So if you've been having issues with understanding trend, here is the solution.


Workshop Day 3: Trend Line Guidance- recapping from day 2, you'll learn how to use trend lines to help gauge the trend and identify reversals with the help of trend lines. You'll also learn 2 different ways to make money using trend and trend lines together. 


Workshop 4: Putting it together- you'll learn how to put all the information learned from the previous 3 days together. Step by step you will learn how to piece the puzzle of trend trading together and use your knowledg to create your own profitable business and mindset.

Trend Market Cycle Series

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