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Monthly Group Coaching
Swing Trading Society 😄

Forex is a big world within itself and I'm sure you have been learning so much your brain is probably running a race on its own. Well, let's stop running that race and let me help you where you are so we can slow your mind down.

You no longer have to struggle with creating a routine, strategy, or trading plan that works. I've done it for you. You'll be able to work with me for 1 year and in that time all you have to do is show up, learn from me, and implement the techniques and gems I'm willing to teach you. The way you view trading will change quickly. Yes! I can promise this because I've seen it work numerous times and I want you to be a part of that number.

So, no more Youtube videos. No more dead-end courses. Become my trading bestie and a bestie to many others in a supportive community that wants you to succeed and I guide you each step of the way. We are +100 besties strong so you will not feel lost, but loved.

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One Time Forex Brainstorming Coaching  Session
(Pick My Brain)

Are you watching Youtube videos or finding yourself stuck trading a strategy and have questions you answered right now!? Well, let's get them answered.

If chosen to work with me you'll be able to pick my brain and get guidance on your strategy, trading plan, trading schedule, or a major struggle you need a solution to. I've had clients ask me things such as, " what are the best timeframes for me to trade as a swing trader?" or, How do identify trend and trade with the trend?" also, "I'm using this strategy, how do I grow a small account and use proper risk management? "

Simply put, this is the time you'll have my personal attention to answer your questions and give you step-by-step solutions you can implement after our call. 

Investment is $997/ 90 minutes

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6 Week VIP Sessions😄

One on One Coaching Service

If you're struggling to make profits, choosing your own currency pairs to trade, and need help creating a profitable trading plan that will lead to trading the same consistent & profitable technique, this is for you.

You'll work with me for 6 weeks, 1 hour a week, in a virtual setting(ZOOM) where I'll teach you how to enter & exit profitable trades using my 3- step highlighting trend trading technique.


Think 6 weeks is too short? They don't call me the Forex simplifier for anything.

It's time to say bye-bye to cheap courses that don't spill the beans & say hello to your door that leads to your confidence as an independent and profitable trader.

Did I mention you'll get free access to my coaching group for 1 year? Schedule your Discovery Call Below👇🏽

Invest in yourself $3500/6 weeks

Payment plans 👇🏽

$1175/ 3 biweekly payments

$600/ 6 weekly payments