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Where forex traders can learn how to create 15 minute trading days and  make money with easy to understand trading rules without interrupting their personal life schedule. 

You're Ready To Finally Be Heard...

You've​ been learning how to trade and you've seen how Forex can change your life.  You're learning a strategy from trading courses, a trading group, & Youtube, yet, you find you're still trying to figure things out. You're back and forth with your winning and losing trades and have yet to find consistency. Perhaps, you've taken a break because there is something missing that's holding you back from your success.

I'll tell you what I tell most of my clients. You've learned what you've needed to become a successful trader but you're missing one thing that will set you apart from the rest. 

A 1-1 Session with someone to guide you step-by-step with your answers being given only to you, tailored for you.

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You Don't Have To Struggle To Learn.

And you shouldn't settle for trading knowledge that's not easy to learn.


Your trading journey won​'t blossom if you don't learn how to create simple step by step rules so you don't have to babysit or micromanage your trades. The problem is you have a full life where you work, maybe have a family, or an active social life. You know you made a good choice to trade, but you don't want it to feel like another task or chore.

Taking control over your own money can be scary if you experience unrealistic expecatations. " I can learn this on my own. This course will show me everything.I'll rush through it so I can start trading and quit my job."

Does this sound like you? 

Why Hello There!

I'm Shaquan Lopez, a Forex Coach.

My background is in banking where I was a teller for 4 years, a teller trainer for 6 months, an account clerk, and worked in Germany where I exchange physical foreign currency for 2 years. I understand first hand what it is to exchange foreign currency between two people and the reasons transaction take place for personal and financial reasons.

After working in banks and seeing how the banks were making more off of then money we saved and deposited, I took my teaching and trading experience and began teaching others how to become independent traders. I had to take the traditional information being taught in the forex market and simplify it into a 3 step system that helped traders identify their trading styles, hold trades longer, and become self-problem solvers and analyzers like the banks.  Not to mention, their trading time on their price charts decreased from hours a day to less than1 hour a day. 

SLFX Trading Is For You IF....

You're new and prefer to learn 1-1 so you can get to the right information to start your trading journey.

You're tired of not seeing consistent profits and need to find the steps you missed that can lead you to the consistency you're looking for.

You struggle with analyzing your own price charts because the information you've learned is too much to process or too advanced.

You desire to trade with as little effort and time as possible.

You're ready to learn knowledge that is done for you​, but you're also ready to dive deep and put in work too.

What Results Should I Expect

Clearly defined rules per trade you will take. Each trade will be highlighted.

Trades held longer and less time analyzing your price charts.

Decreased hours spent trading and more time spent living your personal life.

Learn how to effectively analyze your own price chart.​

Uninterrupted time learning profitable techniques you can trade on your own.

The ability to grow your own money with after our sessions with your own trading plan..

1-1 Sessions Breakdown:

Price Chart Training

Phase 1

  • Initial consultation call with full analysis of current trading journey.

  • Determining trading weakness and strengths and trading schedule

  • Setup of price chart and favorites short cut tool bar

  • Price movement & price action training 

Phase 2

  • Trend & Countertrend Trading Training

  • Entry & Exit position tool training

  • Training your mindset to prepare to enter & exit your own trades

  • You'll begin preparing to spend less time off your price charts trading, more time hold trades, and less time babysitting your trades.

Trade Entry & Exit Technique

Trading Like

A Boss

Phase 3

  • Risk management training

  • Picking a broker & the numbers behind your broker account

  • Backtesting & realistic account growth over time

  • Compare knowledge from week 1 to final training week

I know you're ready  to learn

without confusion...

& I'm here to coach you through it! I know you may have questions before you begin and I'm here to answer them. Click below to schedule a Discovery Call with me and let's chat.

See What Clients Are Saying

I finally took a leap and decided to join her 3 week one on one trading session. For me it was great because it really helped me to look at trading in a different way and create my own analysis.

I struggled with trading for quite some time before I met Shaqun. I first joined her STS group, which was a great start because she guided us with our trading struggles and analysis.Also she did a good at teaching me how to read trend which was one of my main obstacles. Now I feel like I’ve grown tremendously as a trader. I look forward in continuing my trading journey with Shaqun and you should too. 

“Mrs Shaquan takes the knowledge she’s aquired over the years and really simplifies what Forex is and how to execute trades with eaz.”


Before I met Mrs. Shaquan I was on YouTube searching for information in a very Sporadic way. Mrs Lopez course has proven it doesn’t take YEARS to be profitable by providing the main candles to look for at market structures. I’ve also had to change my mindset to trade like a business which is the form of trading Mrs.Shaquan teaches.

Proud to call her my Fx Mentor for life!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”-proverb 


Before coming to SLFX trading I had limited understanding on how the Forex market works. The information that I received prior to coming SLFX trading had me confused and frustrated. After working Shaquan in her one-on-one sessions, for several weeks, I can now say that I have solid foundation and I can build upon what she taught me. There several factors that makes traders successful: Technical analysis, psychology, risk management, and strategy. I was equipped with all four. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. I also joined her Swing Trade Society group to continue growing in my understanding in forex. I have found my mentor for life.

-Eugene Fenner