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Turn Your Trade Ideas Into Profit

Join like-minded traders of the Trade on Purpose Community who commit to taking very trade with the purpose of improving their quality of life through God, and patient trading.

You're awesome! Thanks for joining!

She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits, she plants a vineyard. Provers 31: 16-17

Hi, I'm Shaqaun Lopez. I help Forex Traders uncomplicate trading in the forex market.

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My Letter To You

Being a forex trader isn't as complicated as most make it out to be.

We approach trading in a way that makes the trades stick out to you.

We work to eliminate the guesswork, so we have the emotional stability 

to focus on God, family, and increasing value in our lives.

We don't ask, "How much money do we need to make?

We focus on making proportionate and realistic money to our capital size, future wants, and needs.

Then, we allow the market to provide the opportunities we need to reach our goals.

That 1 goal is to take every trade with the purpose so we can live our lives not behind the charts but enjoying the fruits of our labor off the charts.

3 Ways I Can Help

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Join The Trade On Pupose Traders For exclusicve tips, strategies, and resources to uncomplicate your forex trading.

Self-paced course with private discord to communicate with weekly Strategy calls with me.

Need personal help that you don't want to discuss in front of others? This is where you need to be.

Family with Tablet

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You and your family deserve it.

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