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Trade Less. Earn More. Repeat.

Join other traders who are growing their relationship with God while trading. You'll be updated every week when I go live and drop amazing gems in your inbox.

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Strategy & Community
Where Do I start?

God desires you to trade.  That's why you're here.


Trade On Purpose Community

Join a growing community of traders whose purpose is to enter high quality trades and live life off the charts.

Trade On Purpose Community

A small community you won't get lost in. Come in and ask questions, share your wins, learn from your losses, and share your love for God with us.

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TMP Strategy

This step-by-step beginner and advanced strategy you can quickly improve by trading over the next few years. 

No indicators will be neccessary. 

Monthly Masterclass/
Weekly Coaching Calls

You get to hang out with me weekly in coaching calls and monthly masterclasses to grow your trading knowledge.  You'll be amazed at what you learn working alongside with me and other amazing traders.

The Blog
Learn. Trade. Improve. Repeat.

Deep dive into my trades and nurturing journey.

Family with Tablet

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