Mindset. Motivate. Confidence.

Which Forex Trader Are You?

Are you the new trader who just entered into the market and needs organized guidance on where to begin, what broker to use, and what knowledge you need to place your first trade? Do you feel overwhelmed with where to go? Do you feel as if the strategies are too confusing to follow and you have no clear plan to follow?

OR are you the struggling trader who may have learned from a previous company or are with a company, but the strategies seem confusing and the basics are not too challenging that you're not grasping any real knowledge to propel you forward? Have you been learning on your own and feel like now is the time to? 

New Or Struggling; You Are In The Right Place!

Now Here Is The Big Question: When?

I Am Ready NOW!!!At SLFX you are not just another person who watches videos or attends an online course or webinar. You are a person who is on a journey to build wealth over time.

Private Coaching

Work closely in private sessions with me.  Get guidance to begin taking the right actions to gain confidence, profits, and achieve your financial goals.

The Swing Trading Society

Come and join my mentorship and coaching program where I will coach you into a knowledgable and profitable trader.  

The SLFX Educator

I've worked domestic and globally with American and foreign currency. In 2015, while in Germany,  I began investing in the stock market.

Almost 4 years later, having consulted with over 500 forex traders, and 50 students later, I launched my own private Forex company to continue to work closely with past and present Forex traders by teaching them how to confidently analyze, strategize, and trade, thus becoming their own investors.

Self-Paced Knowledge

Do you prefer to learn by yourself and at your own pace?

Enjoy detailed video courses you can learn that will dive deep into how you can learn the basics and advance your chart reading in each module.


Joy Marian

You are a genius girl. I've been watching your Youtube videos.


Pamela Brown

Thanks to my mentor Shaquan & the DESL FX family for pushing me forward.

- Maryland

Melanie Bimbo

If you're looking for a mentor, look no further. I promise she's the most dedicated one I've encountered.