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Best TradingView Feature For Quicker Analysis

We don't have much time on this earth so how much time do you spend analyzing your price charts in one setting?

Do you spend 15 minutes, an hour, two hours, or more? You may feel like you're spending too much time on your charts and if you, I'd like to share this tip with you to cut time down. Before I do I'd like you to write down how many currency pairs you analyze now and how long you think it takes to analyze each one each week.

TradingView For All Your Trading Needs

If you're not using TradingView this may be a good time to start. Trading view is an all in one platform where you not only analyze your price charts, but you can demo and live trade on it too. Talk about laptop lifestyle.

Chart Layout Feature

Have you ever clicked on 1 timeframe and then clicked on another, then forgot what you saw in the first timeframe and had to click back to the first one. The chart layout feature allows you to analyze more than 1 currency pair or the same currency pair on different timeframes without the need for more than 1 tab.

Why This Feature Is A Time Saver?

What would you do with the extra minutes you'll gain back? You could spend more time with your friends and family, sleeping in, or enjoy other activities you'd normally cut short.

Because I care about your time I create a detailed video showing you how to use the chart layout feature and how it can speed up your analyzing time.

I pray this provides you value. If you'd like me to show you how to create templates, please like the video and comment below.


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