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My Biggest Trading Mistakes In 2022 & What You Can Learn From It

This year I just knew my trading was going to be amazing. I'd just passed my FTMO challenge, so now I was trading with $50,000. I was going to follow all of my trading rules. I was going to risk 1% per trade. So my 2022 was going to be a fantastic trading year.

Well, here I am six months later, and it has not gone the way I planned it to. Of course, many things have contributed to this, but to understand why my trading has not been that excellent means, I had first to recognize it.

Recognizing my own mistakes

When I began trading back in 2016, I could not recognize my own mistakes, so I was consistently doing the wrong things repeatedly. Now, in 2022, after learning who I am as a trader and how my strategy works, I can access my mistakes quickly.

In trading, mistakes are not always visible. However, seeing your error before being stopped out is powerful.

Being able to say " I'm wrong" or "something isn't right" means you can see for yourself. When I realized I'd gotten to that point, it helped me access that my mistakes are my own, and I will instead be wrong and learn from my mistakes than be wrong and never know.

My full breakdown of great trades I've missed in 2022 and the psychology behind why.


What has caused me to miss great trades this year?

Now I'll share the psychology behind why I've forgotten my best trade setups on the JPY pairs these past two months. Hopefully, this will help you sort out why you may be missing your best setups in the future.

  1. I wanted to control how the entry would take place vs. entering the trade where the market told me to enter.

  2. I correlated the same quote pairs vs. following the individual movements of each currency pair.

  3. I moved my stop loss too soon.

  4. I traded during a wrong time in my personal life.

  5. I did not set my pending orders. My complete trust in my trade was not there due to my personal life.

Here are the currency pairs that met my rules to enter the trade.
Here are the currency pairs that met my rules to enter the trade.

My trading plan and "3 Yes" Trading Strategy, TMP, help me stay grounded as a trader when I'm at my best. This process is just the starting point. Try giving yourself three reasons to be in a trade.


No process is perfect. That has helped me be transparent enough to share my journey with you. Hopefully, this will help you improve as a trader for 2022.

Live Your Life While Trade.

Your Swing Trading Coach,



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