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A TradingView Fast Guide To Analyzing Price Charts Quickly

Over the past 3 years, I've created short-cut templates to be strategically placed on different timeframes so I can easily dissect my trading strategy without clearing the whole chart. I'm often asked

"How Do You Analyze Your Price Charts So Fast?"

Well, I'm showing you the top two tools I use and will be taking you through my template workflow step by step. I'll be using TradingView to walk you through how to customize templates for yourself.



WHAT Are Templates

Templates are saved shortcuts for your most-used resources and tools. Instead of customizing the same tool the same way each time, the template will be customized for what you use in one click.

EURJPY weekly & daily timeframe
EURJPY Trading View Chart

Supply & Demand Setup
EURJPY TradingView Chart

What Do I Use To Trade?

Supply & Demand Created Technique- T.M.P

Price Action Japanese Candlesticks

Monthly, Weekly, Daily Timeframes

Focus on Highs & Lows

Price Note Tool

Rectangle Tool



Tradingview: Shenell17

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